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Thursday, October 8, 2020

SfK 뉴스레터 - 2020년 10월호


SfK 2020년 10월 뉴스레터

 십자가의 도가 멸망하는 자들에게는 미련한 것이요 구원을 받는 우리에게는 하나님의 능력이라 (고린도전서 1:18)
In a few short weeks, many of us will be voting for our 55th President. Regardless of your political affiliation, we are believers FIRST. Our main candidate should be Christ! In an article put out by World Vision reminds us, Christians, of how we should be--not divided because of party lines, but united with prayerful hearts for our country. Here are some practical and mindful ways we can be an affective voice during these turbulent and divided times in our country.
6 Ways to Pray for Our Country During the Election
By: Katie Taylor
April 7, 2020, World Vision 

How can we be more Christlike — in word and deed — during the 2020 U.S. election? We know a few things for sure: We’re called to love others (John 15:12). We’re called to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-2). And we’re called to live in unity (Ephesians 4:3).

In an election year, choosing love feels extra challenging when your environment often pushes you to pick one side and shun the other. How can we keep choosing to love rather than burying our heads under our pillows until Nov. 4?

God sees our frustration and confusion. And He promises that when we pray, He’ll give us guidance and peace.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.—Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)

It seems too simple. And sometimes our voices feel too small. But when we pray, we allow God to start growing our capacity to love each other as Jesus does — even people who are the most different from us.

As we approach the 2020 election, we’re humbled that God saw our anger, confusion, and prejudice and still loved us enough to send His Son to be our Savior. That perspective calms our frustration and calls us to prayer.

Our bold decision to kneel at God’s throne when we’re being pulled to one side or the other allows God to change our hearts — and the hearts of people we pray for. This election year, join us in praying for our country and its leaders, asking God to help us all see each other with His love.

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사역 동정
1. Business Management Training (BMT) 온라인 훈련 프로그램은 7 주에 거쳐 진행되었으며 최종 완료까지 9 주가 남았습니다이번 BMT 프로그램에는 12 나라에서  25 명의 참가자가 한국어와 영어  트랙에서 열심으로 배우고 훈련받고 있습니다BMT에서 섬기는 이와 배우는  모두가 함께 하나님의 축복을 체험하도록 기도해주십시오.

2. 남아시아에 있는  나라에 소재한 SfK MB Community  멤버는 사우디 아라비아의 고객과 성공적으로 비즈니스 관계를 확보하였습니다이를 통해 비즈니스 규모를  배로 늘리게 되었습니다 선교비즈니스가 앞으로도 주님께 초점을 맞추고 계속 성장하여많은 기독교인들이 박해 받고 있는  나라에서 하나님 나라를 위하여   역할을 감당할  있도록 기도해주십시오.

3. 위에서 언급한  비즈니스는 또한 수십  전에 미국 선교사들이 설립된 병원이 지난 30여년 동안 점차적으로 쇄퇴하여 무슬림 투자자의 손에 넘어가는 것을 막기 위한 노력을 주도해 왔습니다현재는 간호 학교 기숙사 보수 작업을 마치고 응급실 개축 보수 작업을 거의 완료했습니다 프로젝트가  나라와 열방  기독교인들의 지지를 계속 받아 과거의 명성을 되찾고 기독교인들에게  격려가 되도록 기도해주십시오.

4. SfK MB 커뮤니티의 많은 선교비즈니스들이 여전히 생존을 위해 고군분투하고 있습니다주님을 굳게 믿고 하나님의 때가 이르기까지 더욱 인내하며 창조주 하나님께서 우리에게 주신 창조성으로 돌파구를 찾을  있도록 기도해주십시오.

5. SfK MB 커뮤니티의 잠재적 멤버 심사 공산주의 국가에서 운영 중인  사업은 SfK MB 커뮤니티의 멤버가 되는 것을 신청해 왔고 현재 심사 중에 있습니다진행되는 실사 과정이 서로 덕을 이루도록 기도해주십시오.

6. SfK MB 커뮤니티의  다른 잠재적 멤버 심사 – 사회주의 나라에 있는  스타트업 기업은 SfK MB 커뮤니티의 회원이 되고 싶다는 의사를 표명해 왔고 역시 실사 과정을 시작했습니다 과정이 서로를 격려하고 세워줄  있도록 기도해주십시오.

다가오는 일정과 기도제목
  • SfK 5 주년 기념 찬양 온라인 모임- SfK 오는 11  5  온라인상으로 지난 5 년간의 여정 동안 SfK 신실하게 인도해주신 하나님을 찬양하고 예배할 계획입니다시차로 인해 영어와 한국어의 두번에 걸쳐 개최됩니다 찬양 모임이 오직 하나님께만 영광을 돌릴  있도록 기도해주십시오.
  • SfK Korea 이사회 - SfK Korea 11 월에 대면 이사회를 개최합니다 모임이 COVID-19 위험 속에서 안전하게 개최되도록 기도해주십시오.
  • SfK Life Board - SfK Life 역시 11 월에 온라인으로 4 분기 이사회를 개최  예정입니다이사들이 예수님처럼 기도하고 생각하여 사역을 세워 나가기 위해 다양한 문제를 심의하고 토론하고 결정하도록 기도해주십시오.
  • 조직 개편 중인 SfK MB 유통 플랫폼 – 하나님 나라를 위해   시너지 효과를 내기 위하여 SfK MB 유통 플랫폼의 파트너들 사이에 조직을 개편하려는 계획이 추진 중입니다토론과 의사결정에 참여한 모든 사람이 예수님을 본받아 대화하고 결정할  있도록 기도해 주십시오.
  • SfK MB 아카데미 한국과 미국에서 같은 생각을 가진 사역과 협력하려는 노력을 계속해서 추진하고 있습니다이러한 의도가 결국에는 주님을 기쁘게  열매로 이어지도록  기도해주십시오.
  • Hesed Cambodia 한국의 Hesed Global  미국의 Joybells America 모두 COVID-19 위협에 대한 돌파구를 찾는데 도움이  수있는  가지 중요한 프로젝트들을 추진하고 있습니다이러한 노력들이 어떤 상황에서도 하나님의 선하심을 신뢰하며 하나님을 경외하는 모습으로 이루어 지도록 기도해주십시오.
 지금과 같은 힘든 시기에 아시아와 아프리카의 선교 사업체를 훈련하고 역량강화하는 SfK 사역에 여러분의 기도와 지원을 통해 동역해 주셔서 감사를 드립니다

  특히  어려운 시기에 주님께서 하늘의 평화로 여러분을 풍성하게 축복하셔서 여러분이 속한 사회에 있는 주변 이웃과  세계에 흩어진 도움이 필요한 많은 사람들에게  복의 통로가 되시길 기도합니다
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Saturday, September 12, 2020

SfK Newsletter - September 2020


SfK September 2020 Newsletter

"And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit."
(2 Corinthians 3:18) 
Shaping Our Views on Wealth, Wealth Creation and Wealth Creators

Wealth. That can be a tricky word. There are many connotations in English and the word ‘wealth’ is not always easy to translate into other languages. For many it is mainly about money. But that is only partly true. One can be financially wealthy and socially poor with no friends.

There are different kinds of wealth: financial, social, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual. Wealth can be created, shared, hoarded and destroyed. Hoarding is condemned, and destruction is certainly not commended!

Sharing is good and it is often encouraged. But there is never any wealth to be shared unless it has been created. Wealth creation is actually both a godly gift and a command.

Our views on wealth, wealth creation and wealth creators are important.
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Ministry Updates
1. SfK MB Academy's (MBA) new online training program, Business Management Training or BMT, began both English and Korean tracks during the week of August 17tth. God has blessed the program with 12 participants for each of the tracks, taking part from 12 nations. Praise the Lord! A total of 17 lecturers and 2 coordinators are serving together for the program. Please pray that all participants and the lecturers will learn and benefit from the program. 

2. SfK MB Academy's online platform is now up and running. Please pray that this platform may be used for equipping more missional entrepreneurs in remote areas to be more creative and effective.

3 SfK Korea is proceeding to sell a portion of its ownership stake in Hesed Global to expand its equity investment fundPlease pray that the transaction will be consummated amicably. 

4. Hesed Global, the trading platform of SfK Network, has spun off its Open Box division for a more independent management while maintaining the affiliation within the network. Its branch network has grown to 10 locations and continues to grow. Please pray that the business will remain focused on God's calling and purpose while growing. 

5. Hesed Cambodia has exported dried mango and palm sugar products to the U.S. Also, it has completed the delivery of 2,000 emergency relief packages to KOICA and received favorable responses. Praise the Lord! May this opportunity lead to opening new doors of opportunity.  

6. Joybells America continues to make a breakthrough with large retail supermarket chain stores to promote the dried mango and palm sugar products imported from Cambodia. Please pray that this first shipment will find the right buyers in a timely manner. 

Upcoming Events & Prayer Requests
  • SfK MB Academy's BMT continues. It takes a great deal of coordination to carry out two language tracks among 17 lecturers and 26 participants. Please pray that all parties concerned will be mindful and conscious of the timely preparation for the online training program. 
  • Jeffrey Lee, SfK's CEO, and his wife Kristin will leave Thailand in October and relocate temporarily to Dallas, Texas. This relocation is due mainly to travel restrictions imposed on foreigners entering the country. Please pray that this relocation goes well and that the Lord will show the way to continuing to carry out the ministry without disruption. 
  • SfK MBA has begun a discussion to collaborate with a Korea-based BAM ministry in running a Korean training programThe initial discussion is favorable on both sides, thanks to God's gracePlease pray that the discussion will proceed to bear a fruit that will be pleasing to the Lord.   
  • SfK is in discussion with a U.S.-based BAM ministry to explore ways to collaborate for His Kingdom. This ministry consists of three separate entities to provide integrated support for BAM practitioners. Please pray that this collaboration under consideration will bear fruits that will produce synergy for His Kingdom. 
  • SfK Korea board meeting is scheduled for November. Please pray that this meeting will continue to provide godly guidance for the business activities in 2021 and beyond. 
  • SfK Life board meeting is scheduled for November. Please pray that this meeting will be instrumental in establishing a new 3-year strategic plan and a business plan for 2021. 
Thank you for standing with us through prayer and support as we continue to equip and empower missional businesses in Asia and Africa.
May the Lord bless you abundantly with His heavenly peace, particularly during this challenging time, so that you may be instrumental in being the light and salt of the society you being to for people in need around you and around the world!
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