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Sunday, January 10, 2021

SfK January 2021 Newsletter


Synergy for the Kingdom
Isaiah 43:19
"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and stream in the wasteland."
Happy New Year! As we welcome 2021, let us look forward to God's providence and provision this year. The article below discusses BAM's transformative role in faith based entrepreneurship. We, at SfK, believe God's transformative power can permeate through communities through BAM businesses and operations. 

The Transformative Role of Enterprise
Article was featured on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur website
by Reuben Coulter

We believe that Faith Driven Entrepreneurs and Investors can create transformation in four main ways; Wealth and Job Creation, Innovation, Evangelism, and Discipleship and Cultural Transformation. The calling and gifts of the business leader are complementary to those of those of the minister and where possible should work in partnership together.

1. Business can create jobs and wealth

Two thirds of the world’s population live in poverty. Over 600 million new jobs will need to be created globally by 2030. Rapidly growing populations means that youth are often unemployed and without a future. Small & medium enterprises (with annual turnover from $100,000 to $50m) create more than 90% of formal employment opportunities in frontier and emerging markets, making them an essential part of every economy and an important lever for social and environmental impact. 

2. Business can provide innovative solutions to the world’s needs

Yesterday’s solutions can’t solve today's problems. Innovation and technology can help tackle complex problems and enable nations to leapfrog forward. Entrepreneurs are the forward-thinkers the global economy needs. They look at technology as an opportunity to move forward in leaps and bounds.. In doing so, this type of innovation can create new markets and generate inclusive prosperity.

3. Business can reach the unreached

32% of the world claim to be Christians, but over 7,000 people groups have never heard of Christ. Evangelism is restricted in many countries and Christians are often persecuted. Other faiths like Islam are growing rapidly especially among youth. Faith-driven entrepreneurs can go to places where traditional missionaries can’t, and they can build meaningful relationships with and witness to their employees, customers, and suppliers. 

4. Business can disciple leaders and transform culture

Too often people have a ‘Sunday only’ faith which is divorced from the daily reality of making ends meet. This disjointed faith turns a blind eye to corruption or promotes a prosperity gospel which focuses on personal enrichment. Faith-Driven Businesses can nurture their employees in their faith and disciple them to live Christ-like lives. In turn, these businesses and leaders will affect change in every aspect of society.

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 Ministry Updates 
  • Srolan Mango in Cambodia has begun the construction of its second manufacturing facility. Upon completion, expected in April 2021, the business will have hired an additional 22 Cambodian employees and the production capacity will increase to 50 tons a year from the current level of 20 tons. Please pray that the construction process will progress smoothly. 
  • Joybells America in the U.S. is undergoing a change in its leadership. Please pray that the change will bring refocused attention to the much-needed expansion of its marketing activities.
  • SfK MB Academy is launching its second online training program, called "Post BMT." This program will first be introduced in Korean starting January 2021 and is made available only to the graduates of BMT. BMT will meet once a month on selected topics. Please pray that this training program will continue the equipping for missional businesses. 
  • Some of SfK's members were hit hard by COVID-19, like most businesses around the world, but continue overcoming their difficulties with perseverance. In the midst of these challenges, some made a breakthrough and made a contribution to the fight against this vicious virus. Earth Heir, SfK's MB Community member in Malaysia, has refocused its attention to make personal protective equipment (PPE) made by refugees with the Fair Trade recognition and has gained wide support beyond Malaysia. Please pray that all missional businesses will make an innovative breakthrough in the midst of the formidable challenges they face.
  • Hesed Group, a strategic partner with SfK Network, has reviewed the business plans of its member businesses for 2021, and all members resolved to move forward with innovative solutions even under the continuing threat of COVID-19. Please pray that God will uphold all leaders with His righteous right hand in their endeavors in 2021. 
 Upcoming Events 
  1. SfK MB Academy plans to hold its second BMT from August 2021
    Please pray that the online training platform will gain more traction going forward. 
  2. Hesed Cambodia is exploring the possibility of producing baby meal products. 
    Please pray that this effort may be fruitful. 
  3. Joybells Investment in Korea in collaboration with another Christian organization is establishing a crowdfunding entity to establish a funding mechanism for social and missional businesses in Korea as well as overseas. SfK Korea will make an investment in this venture
    Please pray that this joint effort will help advance God's Kingdom in a creative way.
  4. SfK Network is exploring collaboration efforts with many agricultural businesses in India, Kenya, and the Philippines
    Please pray that these efforts will bear fruits that will only further the Kingdom of God. 
  5. SfK Network is finalizing its 3-year strategic plan (2021-2023) to be presented to the SfK Life board of directors on January 30. Please pray that the plan will be prepared with conscious intent to serve His Kingdom by serving effectively His Kingdom businesses.
Thank you for standing with us faithfully through prayer and support in equipping and empowering missional businesses in Asia and Africa.

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May the good and faithful Lord bless you abundantly, even in the midst of the continuing grip of the COVID-19, so that you may become a greater blessing to people in need around you and around the world.
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