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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Newsletter - April 2018

SfK Ministries Newsletter - APRIL 2018

" When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan."
(Proverbs 29:2)
Micro-, Macro- and Non-Managers 
by Steve Graves 
"You do not manage people. You manage things and you lead people," said Grace Hopper. How true this statement rings.  However, management is an essential role for any entrepreneur to play in leading people. It presents itself in different forms depending on one's personality and preferences. It could evolve as an enterprise grows. This article by Dr. Steve Graves gives insight to what a missional entrepreneur should know and practice through different forms of management. - Editor

Micromanagement comes naturally at a start-up.

You know this if you’re a founder. You micromanage either because you’re the only employee or because every detail feels so important to get right.

But then the business grows. And you’re no longer a one-man band.
You realize that you’re not going to build anything sizable by yourself. You can’t scale something by yourself. If you’re in the non-profit world, you realize your vision can’t turn into a movement without involving other people in the dream.

At that moment—the moment when you bring others in—you become a manager, and you have a choice. Will you micromanage, macromanage, or not manage?
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Ministry Updates
1. SfK Korea Board of Directors and Shareholders meeting took place on March 20th. Mr. Bong Rae Lee has joined as a member of SfK Korea's Board of Directors.  Mr. Lee will assume the Chief Investment Officer role with SfK Korea.  He comes with an extensive background in investment banking and an active fund manager. He strives to manage God-entrusted resources such as treasure, time and talents as a good steward. He and his family served in Cambodia for the past three years through Hesed, a missional business. Recently, Mr. Lee returned to Korea and continues to seek the next opportunity God leads him to.  We are excited and thankful to God for sending Mr. Lee! 

Mr. Bong Rae Lee
2. A Kingdom Impact Fund will be established in Korea for Q2. Please pray that this process will receive God's favor. 

3. Jeffrey led a BAM Seminar, shared a message at the CBMC monthly breakfast meeting, and shared a testimony and message at a prayer meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in March. This was part of SfK's effort to explore ministry opportunities in Vietnam. 

4. Andy Sok and Tim Yoon have joined SfK Ministries as Kingdom Fellows specialized in accounting. God has been faithful in sending us these fellow Kingdom workers when we need them most. Praise the Lord!

5. SfK's own proprietary Kingdom Investment Management System (KIMS) is under development. SfK Kingdom Fellow, Alex Hong, will lead this initiative.

6. SfK Tanzania has secured a center to hold various community functions, including SfK Tanzania programs. It will be available as the venue for a Korean worship service. Currently, it is under construction and scheduled for completion in June 2018.
Upcoming Events & Prayer Requests
  • May 2018:  Los Angeles, CA--SfK Life Corporation board meeting.  Please pray that the meeting will be fruitful and pleasing to God. 
  • May/June 2018:  Irvine, CA--SfK MBA Boot Camp Training.  This 2-week training will be part of Bethel Korean Church's initiative to promote BAM at the church. The church aims to provide a platform for other churches in the region to learn and participate. All missionaries sent by Bethel will participate in this training so that the church may establish a focus. Please pray that the three faculty members will serve them prayerfully with excellence. 
  • Exploritory trip to a nation in Central Asia. The specific country name is withheld for security reasons. Please pray that this trip will help us see the way that the Lord has prepared.
  • July 2018, Exploritory trip to Nairobi, Kenya.  Jeffrey will make a trip to Nairobi to seek possible collaborations with a few Christian ministries. Please pray that God's will be discerned and done. 
  • July 2018:  Arusha, Tanzania--SfK MBA Seminar.  Please pray that this seminar will challenge and inspire many Tanzanian young people with vision and mission for effective missional business.
  • July 2018:  Kigali, Rwanda--SfK MBA Boot Camp Training.  Rwanda Shalom Mission will host and lead this training . Daniel Ryumugabe, SfK's Director of Transformation, is leading the Rwanda Shalom Mission and will organize the MBA in Kigali. Please pray that this training will help bring up Rwnadan young entrepreneurs to see God's vision for missional businesses. 
Thank you for standing with us in equipping and empowering missional businesses in Asia and Africa!
Until next time, may the Lord bless you abundantly with His peace and grace!
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