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SfK Ministries

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Officially Approved as a 501(c)(3) Organization by the IRS

Praise the Lord!

I have seen and heard about many miraculous stories in the bible and real life, but if there is anyone who does not believe in them, this is surely one.

SfK Life Corporation, the US operation for SfK Ministries held its board meeting on December 11, 2015, approving the amendment to its Articles of Incorporation and adopting some policies.

On December 23, 2015, in the midst of busy time before Christmas, we managed to submit our application to the IRS for the tax exempt status.

On January 12, 2016, the IRS issued its approval letter without any condition attached to our application.

The IRS approval the tax exempt status application only in three weeks? Particularly around the Christmas and New Year time? No way!

I heard that one of the foundations submitted the same application in April 2015 and received approval in December. That was eight months!

I could not believe it! But that is how God works and demonstrates His power. We firmly believe that the Lord's invisible hands were working behind the scene. Thanks be to Him!

There are many benefits associated with this tax exempt status, such as tax deduction for any donation made to SfK Life Corporation. But, one of the immediate benefits we rejoiced greatly for was free 10 user licenses to use Salesforce.com database solutions.

Salesforce.com is a leading company to CRM (customer relationship management) solutions and approximately 30,000 non-profit organizations are using this application on top of numerous corporate users. This application will be a driving engine for all database management work that SfK Ministries will develop and use.

The timely approval of our application for the tax exempt status by the IRS has saved us time and resources in developing an interim database until we could use Salesforce.com solution after the IRS approval.

We honor and praise the good Lord for His abundant and overflowing grace that is never ending.

Praise the Lord forever and ever!

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