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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Newsletter - February 2017

SfK Newsletter Vol. 2017-02
February 8, 2017
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The following essay was originally published in the special edition of Occasional Bulletin by EMS (Evangelical Missiological Society) in 2016 by Dr. C.S. Caleb Kim.

“A missional response to an ever provoking question”
Ever since the rise of Islam in the seventh century, Christians have been challenged by the question: Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Muslim polemicists also use this same question when they dispute with Christians. In fact, as a monotheistic religion borrowing a lot from Judeo-Christian traditions, Islam has many similarities with Christianity in its theological discourses regarding God and Jesus. The Qur’an declares, “Our God [in Islam] and your God [in Judaism and Christianity] is one” (Sura 29:46). Ontologically speaking, both Christianity and Islam seem to refer to the same God since neither of them allows of the idea of the existence of more than one God. In the ontological sense, the question of “whose (or which) god is the true God” is not valid because it presupposes more than one god in existence so as to choose one; both the religions admit that this is not the case.[1] Then, the real problem is epistemological rather than ontological.
When we take a very close look at the presentation of God and Jesus in Islam, we can discover that the Islamic view of God is significantly different from the Christian understanding. Despite many resemblances between the two traditions, the overall description of God and Jesus in the Qur’an conflicts seriously with the Biblical (both OT and NT) presentation of the same. In Islam, God cannot be a father of anyone, and Jesus was a mere human being (though perceived to be the most excellent prophet of all) and did not die on the cross, hence no resurrection. (This also relates to the Islamic denial of the need of redemption based on its view of human nature.) Reading the Qur’an very carefully from a Muslim viewpoint, one cannot help getting an impression that the Islamic monotheism (called tawhid) must have been designed to refute specifically the Christian Trinity. This has been creating a serious obstacle to the Christian witness of the gospel among Muslims.  


[1] And this logic may be applicable even to other monotheistic ideas in other cultures or religions besides the three monotheistic traditions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). This can also be explained in terms of “general revelation” or “common grace” (cf. Romans 1:19-20).
C.S. Caleb Kim, Ph.D has worked as a Presbyterian missionary in East Africa since 1989​. He has taught as the professor of Islamic studies at Africa International University in Nairobi, Kenya, since 2002. He is also currently the director of a research institute called ISAR (Institute for the Study of African Realities) within the university. Dr. Kim serves as Adviser to SfK Ministries on Islamic Strategy.

  • With God's grace, SfK Korea has been established in January 2017 and registered with the Korean regulatory agency. Now SfK BAM Fund I is under establishment. There will be a dedication service for these two entities in Seoul Korea.  Details of the event are listed in the Upcoming Events section.
  • SfK Ministries has developed its Vision 2020 within our 4-year strategic plan (2017-2020). 
  • Logos Central Chapel in Denver, Colorado has become the first church partner with SfK Ministries. SfK Ministries and Logos Central Chapel will work together to produce Kingdom impact through mutual collaborations. Praise the Lord!
  • Several training and education opportunities are made available at various places for the first half of 2017.  Details of these events are listed in the Upcoming Events section.

  1. Feb. 10, 2017:  SfK Life board meeting.  Please pray that the board members will continue to seek God's divine wisdom in their deliberation and decision.
  2. Feb. 18-22, 2017:  SfK Ministries leadership gathering in Chiang Mai.  A few leadership members will gather in Chiang Mai to discuss future plans.Please pray that the gathering will be fruitful.
  3. Feb. 18-Mar. 10, 2017:  BAM Training in Chiang Mai. Please register at http://bamtraining.org/bam-course/
  4. Mar. 7-11, 2017:  Consultation on Wealth Creation for Holistic Transformation in Chiang Mai. Please pray that this meeting will help clarify many issues on this important topic. Jeffrey will be part of this small but important gathering organized by Lausanne Movement and BAM Global Think Tank.
  5. Mar. 16, 2017:  SfK Korea and SfK BAM Fund I Dedication Service in Seoul, Korea.  Please pray that this dedication service will honor God, who has enabled us to start and gain His favor and blessings.
  6. Mar. 23, 2017:  Skybay Thailand and Thai Miracle Community 2nd Anniversary Celebration in Bangkok, Thailand.  Please pray that this celebration will honor and praise our God Almighty.  
  7. Mar, 27-28, 2017:  A 2-day BAM Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand.  Please pray that this seminar will be effective and produce a significant impact.
  8. Apr. 2-7, 2017:  A 5-day BAM Training Workshop in Kigali, Rwanda.  Please pray that this training will establish a firm foundation for Nanuri, Limited that is currently building a medical center and a guest house. 
  9. May 8-19, 2017:  A 2-week BAM Class in Los Angeles, California.  This BAM class will be offered at World Mission University, Los Angeles, CA.  It will be open to all students for a grade, as well as anyone interested in BAM.
Until we reach out to you again, may the Lord bless you abundantly so that you may be a greater blessing to more people!
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