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SfK Ministries

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SfK Korea Thanksgiving and Dedication Service (March 2017)

SfK Ministries held a special service in Seoul, Korea on March 16, 2017 to praise God who allowed SfK Korea to be established. Also, we held a session to introduce to the first BAM Fund of SfK Korea, called SfK BAM Fund I.

Almost all people who are involved in BAM, directly or indirectly, joined us in celebrating God for His grace upon SfK Ministries. The program was held in three parts.

The first part was the service. Hayan Lee and three young adults led the praise. Sam Cho led us in prayer and Rev. Dongho Kim delivered the message based on Isaiah 11:6-9. Gwang Sik Park performed a couple of hymns with his saxophone and Rev. Jong Pyo Im gave us the benediction.

The second part was the presentation. A TV talent Won Hee Kim stood as an MC. She has been involved in an aid program to help the children in Haiti. Rev. Dongho Kim gave a short welcoming remark as Chairman of the board of SfK Korea. Then three people gave their congratulatory remarks. Missionary Min-Young Jung gave a remark from the perspective of global missions trend. Rev. Dongho Song gave a speech from the standpoint of BAM in Korea. Elder Jae Jung Jang from Manila, Philippines gave a speech as a BAM practitioner. Then, Jeffrey as CEO presented an introduction to SfK Ministries overall and Wonmin Son as COO gave a presentation about the SfK BAM Fund I.

The third program was dinner and fellowship. Rev. Dongjin Kang prayed with thanksgiving to God for the food. People talked about various issues in round tables. We had wonderful fellowship with people at and around the tables. I had a brief discussion with Rev. Dongjin Kang to hold an in-depth discussion in July after July 28 to brainstorm about his organic farm project and how to expand the program into other parts of the world.

Overall, approximately 90 people participated in the program. Many SBS members helped as a photographer and helpers. Wonmin Son mobilized a video-grapher to take video shots of the event.

We all were grateful to the Lord for the good turnout and for the blessed beginning. We will see what the Lord has in store for His Kingdom to advance through SfK Ministries. - Jeffrey  

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