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SfK Ministries

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Freedom business provides hope and freedom for women trapped in modern slavery, including human trafficking. Faith-based freedom business is a missional business or business as mission (BAM). It rescues, educates, equips and empowers these women to be what God designed them to be.

SfK Ministries aims to serve the needs of these freedom businesses with intellectual, financial and value chain capital so that they continue to produce significant Kingdom impact in the lives of people and the community they serve.

To serve them effectively, SfK Ministries needs like-minded people like you.

May I invited you to partner with us?

Below is the link to a video clip that presents a faith-based freedom business story.

SfK Ministries and Freedom Business

Also, for your information, below is the personal letter from Jeffrey Lee on how you may be engaged in this worthwhile ministry.

My dear fellow believer in Jesus Christ,

As the holiday season is fast approaching, won't you consider giving to support goods causes for the Kingdom of God?  I am writing this personal letter to ask you to consider supporting SfK Ministries.

SfK Ministries supports businesses with a missional purpose operating in Asia and Africa. These businesses produce significant Kingdom impact, but are small and lack crucial resources for their operations. They need advisory and financial support. They exist for the Kingdom Impact in people and the communities they serve. SfK Ministries exist to support these business for transformation, particularly in the least evangelized and poorest nations where challenges are greater than most other countries.

We would like to ask you to consider partnering with SfK Ministries to support these missional businesses.

SfK Life Corporation, a US entity carrying out the ministry, is a non-profit corporation approved by the IRS under its code 501(c)(3). All your donations are tax-deductible for federal income tax purpose.

There are several ways to support SfK Ministries:
  • Donate electronically via paypal.  Click HERE for the link to our donation site.
  • Mail your contributions to:  5440 Enfield Way, Suwanee, GA 30024. Please make checks payable to "SfK Life Corporation". You will receive a receipt.
  • You may give in check or any other financial assets, including stocks and real estate to SfK Life Foundation at The Denver Foundation located at 55 Madison St # 800, Denver, CO 80206 (303) 300-1790

All your contributions are tax deductible, and a receipt of your donations will be sent to you.  

Your donations and support will go a long way in supporting the various missional businesses throughout Asia and Africa.  We hope you will choose to support SfK Ministries before the year-end.  

May God bless you richly to be a great blessing to others around you.

To learn more about SfK Ministries, please visit our website at www.sfkministries.org.

Gratefully in His service,

Jeffrey Lee

Chief Executive Officer

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