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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

SfK March 2021 Newsletter


Synergy for the Kingdom
1 Corinthians 12:26-27
"If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it." 
MARCH 2021
Article was featured on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur website
by Reuben Coulter

In our experience, a healthy faith-based ecosystem is built on five pillars. The first two pillars are foundational and unique to our faith, while the others are also applicable in the wider secular context.

  1. Realisation of Identity and Purpose in Christ

  2. Redemption of Business and Culture 

  3. Unlocking of Capacity and Creative Potential

  4. Releasing of Resources for Growth

  5. Utilising Technology as an Enabler

Realisation of Identity & Purpose in Christ

As Christ-following business leaders, we need a realisation that our true identity is as a loved daughter or son of Christ. We have articulated this as the Marks of a Faith-Driven Entrepreneur. It’s a journey, not a destination, and this process of transformation takes place through Renewal, Discipleship, and in Community. 

  • Renewal - Our minds need to be renewed with a theology and vision of God’s ultimate mission of redemption and a belief that God invites us to partake in that mission. We need to be baptised in Word, Prayer, and the Holy Spirit, which guides us and empowers us to bring ‘His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven’.

  • Discipleship - This is the process through which our walk with Christ deepens and our character is strengthened. Our lives are transformed through practices that make us Christlike and dependent on God. 

  • Community - Our personal transformation is enabled by our Christian community—the Church. We should encourage, support, and hold each other accountable. For those of us blessed with wealth and power, our challenge is to embrace justice and generosity to empower those less fortunate and give them opportunities. For those of us without wealth and power, our challenge is to understand the abundance of God and live in righteousness to faithfully steward and grow what we have.

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 Ministry Updates 
  • GlobalMills is now online! - Joybells America, SfK's marketing platform in the U.S., has partnered with Cconma USA, an e-commerce company, to open the GlobalMills channel within its SeoulMills.com platform. Please visit SeoulMills.com and click a rotating banner (Global Mills) to buy products produced by missional businesses. Please note that your purchases are missional purchases that produce a transformative impact in the lives of people who are "the least of the Lord's brethren." Please pray that this program will receive God's favor for greater Kingdom Impact! 
  • SfK Korea board meeting took place online in February. The board approved the business plan for 2021 and its financial budget. Please pray that SfK Korea will be God's good and faithful steward of the resources entrusted with it.
  • SfK is making an investment in Cconma USA to facilitate the collaboration in promoting the Global Mills program. 
    Please pray that this financial relationship will only further the Kingdom of God through wholehearted collaboration.
  • SfK MBA's Post BMT completed its second session on Strategy led by Professor Min-Dong Paul Lee of Wheaton College. It is encouraging to see the continued enthusiasm of the participants. 
    Please pray that this training will strengthen the bonding relationship among the participants to produce synergy for the Kingdom of God. 
  • SfK Korea has sold part of its ownership in Hesed Global, SfK's marketing platform in Korea. This sale made to another Kingdom investment company was consummated in February to generate a fund to be invested in a crowdfunding entity to be established in Korea during Q2. Please pray that this action will multiply the resources entrusted with SfK Korea and the crowdfunding entity.
 Upcoming Events 
1. MARCH 2021:  SfK MBA's Post BMT will be led by Mr. Kangrak Lee, CEO of KR Consulting on the topic of Operations. Please pray that the session will further deepen the knowledge and skills required for operating missional businesses effectively.

2. MAY 2021:  Open BMT is under development - SfK MB Academy is organizing an online BMT that will be open to all who are interested. This cost-free event is expected to draw like-minded people to be inspired and challenged by BAM speakers. Please pray that the organizers will seek the Lord's guidance to introduce an informative and beneficial program.

3. Along with the launching of the GlobalMills channel, SfK plans to open a new blog site, namely Shop4Impact.com, which will feature transformation stories of the products sold on the GlobalMills channel, needless to say, within the extent of no safety or security concerns. A new copywriter is planned to join SfK as a Kingdom Fellow, who will manage the blog site. Please pray that this new endeavor will spark greater interest in transformation stories in the fields.

4. SfK is conducting a feasibility study for an animal feed production venture in the Republic of Georgia, in collaboration with a Dutch missional business specialized in agricultural projects. Please pray that this new initiative will lay a strong foundation for another collaboration opportunity for His Kingdom.
5. AUG 16-NOV 28, 2021:  Business Management Training (BMT) 2021 - Online training. Please send an email to info@sfklife.org if you or someone you know are interested. Please pray that this year's program will be as fruitful as in 2020.

6. APRIL 28-30, 2021:  BAM Congress is taking place online 
Please join us to:
  • CELEBRATE what God is doing through business around the world
  • CONNECT with a global network of collaborators
  • CREATE momentum for the future of business as mission

Register now: https://bamglobal.org/congress/

Thank you for standing with us faithfully with prayer and support in equipping and empowering missional businesses in Asia and Africa, which are still undergoing challenging times under the persisting COVID-19 pandemic. 
.   .   .

May the Lord bless you abundantly with His divine peace, particularly during tough times such as now, so that you become a greater blessing to people in need around you and around the world!
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