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Monday, June 10, 2024

SfK June 2024 Newsletter


Hebrews 13:5

"Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."'

Is an A.I. Powered Church Really a Church?

Did you hear about the AI-powered church service that was held in Germany a couple months ago? The sermon, the worship songs, and even the prayers were all written and delivered by Artificial Intelligence. There were AI voices and realistic avatars delivering the service from a large projector screen at the front of the sanctuary.

Interesting? Terrifying? Thrilling? Awesome? Maybe you feel a mixture of all of these emotions. I don’t know about you, but I often have an unsettled feeling as I wrestle with what makes my intellectual process unique or significant in comparison. I’m sure many people in the industrial revolution had a similar feeling. There is a sort of unnerving and reverent feeling you get when a machine replaces a human ability.

Much like the industrial revolution, I’m sure many will vie for regulation that preserves the “necessary humanness” in the skill they hold dear. And much like the industrial revolution, I’m sure that eventually millions of jobs will be displaced, jobs that some never expected were on the line. My question for the Church is this:

How will you respond when that technology threatens to displace your pastor, your worship leader, your deacons and elders?

That AI can generate worship music, sermons, prayers, and voices and faces that are all believable is not an evil in and of itself. It is a beautiful thing that God has created us with such ability to create in His image. We are image bearers of God and create in that image. God intended for us to work, add value, and care for His creation, first and foremost for one another. And we do that when we invent tools such as AI for the purpose of adding value and serving others.

However, isn’t there more to the picture here than simply a displacement of our priestly duties? Can AI teach us about scripture in an expository, creative, and meaningful way? Certainly it can! Can it develop beautiful worship music that leads us to worship God? Yes. Can it pray a prayer that is scripturally sound and that guides us in our own prayers? Absolutely. And as a business consultant, I feel compelled to tell you that it would most certainly be cheaper, and it might even be more effective at all of those things than most churches are today.

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  • MB Academy - SfK held its May gathering for MB Connect on May 16. Team 2 members gave a presentation about their success stories and lessons learned. 
  • MB Academy - SfK fixed its schedule for BAM Field Trip 2024 for Nov 4-9. This year, the focus will be on a country in Southeast Asia, which is a Restricted Access Nation for the gospel. Please pray that our preparation will be made well to benefit the participants in this country. 
  • MB Services - SfK is expanding its plan for its SfK Korea IT App marketing business although there are still many issues to be ironed out. Please pray that the deliberation and decision will be pleasing to the Lord. 
  • MB Community - SfK has identified a potential member to join the MB Community. Please pray that our communication process will progress sincerely to ensure the timely completion of the due diligence.  
  • SfK Network - SfK held its in-person board meetings at SfK Life and SfK Korea in May. Both meetings were fruitful and encouraging to all participants. 
1. MB Academy - SfK will hold its June gathering for MB Connect on June 20. For this session, Professor Sunghoon Kim at Sydney University will present a lecture about Teamwork and lead the discussion. Please pray that the MB Connect sessions will help enrich the members to be effective in their ministries. 
2. MB Academy - As we have announced, SfK will hold BMT 2024 from August 10. So far, 9 people have signed up and there are only 3 seats available. If you are interested, please register in time through the QR Code on the poster attached hereto. 

3. MB Services - SfK is proceeding diligently with the plan to establish SfK ITAM in Thailand. Various administrative issues are still being defined and refined. Please pray that all parties will seek God's guidance in the process. 
4. MB Services - SfK is also establishing a marketing business in the U.S. to focus on IT and digital marketing servicesAlyse Kwon will lead this initiative as CEO. She has been working in this industry for more than 20 years and we are thrilled about her joining SfK Network. Please pray that this initiative will gain God's favor and bear fruits pleasing to God and beneficial to people.
5. SfK Network - SfK Korea is exploring another opportunity to upgrade its business scope substantially. Please pray that all parties will be obedient to God's will following His guidance.
Thank you for standing with us through prayer and financial support in SfK's ministries of equipping and empowering missional businesses in Asia and Africa.
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May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you richly so that you may become a greater blessing to people in need around you and around the world.
Please consider partnering with SfK to support missional businesses.
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